To Download Washington Incentive Fund Program information and Letter of Intent click the Button below. 

Washington Incentive Fund

Main Street Washington is excited to announce that we are opening up Round 8 of the Washington Incentive Fund for building improvement grants. Attached you will find program information as well as a letter of intent to participate.

If you are interested in applying, please consider joining us at 5 pm on Tuesday June 5th at the Washington Public Library in the Washington State Bank Room for an informational meeting about the Washington Incentive Fund including program information & how we score grants, as well as tips to being successful in receiving grant funding.

Two major changes to our rules for WIF Round #8. First change states that should a grant recipient receive funds from us, they are ineligible for funds in the next grant round. i.e. Received funds in our last Round #7, they will not be eligible for funds during this Round #8. This is a change to previous rounds designed to encourage a wider variety of projects within downtown. Our Second change is that we have also set aside $15,000 of our $75,000 grant from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation for maintenance like roofs & awnings, which in past rounds have not scored well. Please see program information for more details.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. My cell phone is 319-653-3918.